List of the products manufactured by “GAZTEKHNIKA” LLC:

  • Diesel and gasoline generator sets (DGS and GGS) of open, hood and container types, with wattage from 2 to 3000 kW;
  • Noise-protection and weather-proof hoods (enclosures) for DGS;
  • Low temperature and vandal-proof containers for DGS;
  • Frame structures for DGS;
  • Panel equipment, control, automatic takeover (AT) and synchronization cabinets;  
  • Control, synchronization and dispatching systems based on microprocessor controllers;
  • Field accommodation modules of container-type;
  • Fuel tanks.

Motors and component parts for the diesel and gasoline power plants are supplied from the leading manufacturing companies of Europe, North America, Japan, such as: Lombardini, Kohler, FPT (Iveco), Volvo, Deutz, Perkins, Cummins, Mitsubishi, MTU, MarelliMotori, MeccAlte, DeepSeaElectronics, etc. The DGS line was developed based on the motors manufactured by the Russian KamAZ, YaMZ plants and Belorussian MMZ plant.